Monitoring process parameters and generating reports are an integral part of the manufacturing industry. A welder or automation always has to strictly follow the welding parameters as per the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS). The Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) ensures the required WPS has been implemented. With an increase in connectivity features and digitization, the same process can be performed via a weld data logger.

The weld data logger consists of reliable hardware for high-speed data monitoring, logging as well as comparing as per WPS / PQR. It can record and maintain all the major welding process parameters such as:

  • Voltage – up to 100v
  • Amperage – up to 1000amps
  • Wire feed speed – Tachometer / encoder module
  • Gas flow and pressure monitoring – 2 channels
  • Heat input calculations

The dashboard module helps to real-time monitor process parameters, save the data along with generating and comparing reports. Analytical algorithms also can be implemented for deriving results. It also can be coupled with IOT module for remote monitoring or for mobile App connectivity.