Standard and custom made solutions comprising of SPM or a robot depending on job profile. Process independent software which can perform MIG, TIG and Plasma and Laser welding. All systems have servo based control for repeated and accurate weld joint. Designed to cover inner and outer diameter operations. It even can be implemented for screw flight or plate rebuilding. Single-pass as well as multi-pass. Teach pendant for convenient programming and recipe storing. Easy teaching procedures for new jobs.

Inbuilt features:

  • AVC
  • Oscillator
  • Teach mode
  • Dry run
  • Dwell time settings
  • Multiple program settings
  • User-defined weaving pattern
  • User-defined overlap pattern
  • Touch screen enabled UI
  • Wireless Operator teach pendant
  • Data Logger and dashboards

We even provide custom cladding torches for welding inner diameter profiles of components similar to elbows