Robots are widely used in the industry for 3D profile cutting. The cutting processes like Oxy-fuel, Plasma, Waterjet and Laser cutting process can be automated on a robot. Keepsake we design and develop a complete package including cutting ancillaries for seamless integration with your shop floor. Every cutting process requires a unique approach as the cutting media and involved equipment changes.

The advantages of a robot are of manipulations on complex paths /trajectories at a controlled velocity giving a cleaner edge and decreasing time/efforts in post-processing. These systems support Gcode and can also be coupled with Offline programming modules decreasing the overall time spent after a new job setup. Additional positioner or gantry mounts are used for better accessibility and reach.

The cutting process to be implemented is defined in the following basic parameters:

  • Material type (MS, SS, Plastics/Polymers, Metals)
  • Thickness
  • Cutting speed
  • Job profile